What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions

What’s the deal with pet insurance and pre-existing conditions? This article will help you understand which conditions are covered under pet insurance policies and which ones aren’t.

Is your pet healthy?

Pet insurance is a crucial part of pet ownership. But with pre-existing conditions, you’re probably wondering whether or not you need pet insurance at all. If your pet has any pre-existing conditions and you have enough money saved up for an emergency, then it may not be worth signing up for a policy (as there will likely be an exclusion period during which coverage won’t apply.) Otherwise, consider these tips for getting affordable pet insurance that does include coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Should you get pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a major commitment, so it makes sense that you’d want to consider it carefully before signing up. Pet insurance can be incredibly useful for unexpected illnesses or accidents. But you should know about one important caveat: pet insurance generally excludes pre-existing conditions, which means certain conditions will be excluded from coverage if they were present before your policy went into effect.

The different types of pet insurance available

Pet insurance providers will offer you a number of different pet insurance plans to choose from. There are three major types of pet insurance: accident-only, illness and wellness, and full coverage. Accident-only covers injuries or accidents that occur while your pet is insured; illness and wellness cover both ailments like heartworm disease and vaccinations; finally, full coverage pays for all possible health problems that could arise during your pet’s lifetime. However, pre existing conditions are usually not covered in full coverage plans.

What are some common exclusions?

While pre-existing conditions can be common among pets and people, many pet insurance providers offer different definitions for what constitutes a pre-existing condition. Some consider hip dysplasia or heart disease as preexisting conditions, while others may not. If your animal is already showing signs of a preexisting condition, check with your insurance provider to see if they cover it under your current policy.

How to make sure you don't have any surprises when it's time for a claim?

The most important thing you can do is ask if there are any pre-existing conditions that may be excluded from coverage before you purchase pet insurance. If your dog or cat has a history of health issues, check with your vet to see if any of them might be included on a list of conditions that could cause an exclusion. For example, hip dysplasia and heart disease are two illnesses commonly excluded from pet insurance policies.

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